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Turn the tide on the Terror

Welcome to My Blog! #ProjectRAGE

Creating Awareness, Doing what we can to end the scourge of GBV & VAWC

Hi, my name Mark and I have a Dream to see harmony in society. To live the rest of my days helping as many as I can to break the cycle of abuse. To champion the cause of victims who did not live to tell their story and help survivors navigate to safer shores by education, training and awareness around aspects related to Gender Based Violence, Violence against Women & Children, the exploitation of woman & children, femicide, human trafficking, forced labour, institutionalized and state sanctioned dehumanization of women and helping society see the negative impact that perpetuates the abuse of boys that leads to hate and bitterness towards women.

I followed a formula and broke a cycle that would have been carried for generations. My mentors were well respected woman who taught me to understand their pain so that I do all I can not to perpetuate it.

Breaking the Silence is the hardest step yet the most liberating. I left home at the age of 18 with a promise that I will never live another day as a victim and witness to verbal, emotional and physical abuse. I did not know where I was going but I did know that I was not willing to return to where I came from.

Join us and lets journey together as you help we share true life experiences and how we can together overcome, adapt, improvise and leave nobody behind.

Lets talk about GBV Awareness, how we will dare to turn this tide on the terror, Help those who feel trapped, share wisdom on breaking free, learn to listen to the voice that screams "let me out" and point towards that "Rest Button"

Inscribe the writing on the Wall for centuries to come. We owe it to our future generation.

The scourge will end and "I WILL DO MY PART" Will you join us in this war against the greatest scourge against humanity.

Leave you comments, share your experiences and write to us on so we can publish your content.

Subscribe today and stand a chance to win two tickets to the next "Defined by Destiny" life changing empowerment course worth R4000-00.


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