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Our Work

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Rescue 911/Noord 911

#ProjectRage Adopted Rescue 911/Oord 911 as a beneficiary Shelter in December 2022

In collaboration with Biker Clubs in Gauteng we hosted a Celebration Day for Survivors and used the Christmas Theme to Donate a Christmas Tree, Food, Several Personal hygiene products, Toys and children received separate gifts to open on Christmas Day.


Belly to Brain Partnership

#ProjectRage partnered with NPO Belly to Brain, led by Ms Dominique Tibbles and held a Survivor Celebration Day in Krugersdorp at an undisclosed Shelter where Food, Toys, Personal Hygiene Items, Special Gifts for Adult Women and Presents for all children.  We also handed out candy packs and lucky packets for all children



Tshwane Leadership Foundation 

Sponsored Toys and Gift Packs as well as Adult Females

Negotiations are in process for 2023 to Adopt the Shelter.  Watch this space for more information.


Other Initiatives from Ambassadors coming soon

Click on the Link for Details of What our Registered Ambassador have contributed.

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